Packages & Rates

All our programs are followed up on a weekly basis to ensure a long-term success for your stated goals. All our programs will show you:

  • Your true inner age
  • Gauging your true level of health
  • Introduction to your body’s capabilities
  • Shows you how much and how intensely you need to move your body
  • Shows you the type, quality and quantity of food you need to eat to achieve your stated goals.

All our programs come with a 12-point evaluation, exercise days, 1-on-1 life coaching, meeting/cooking lessons from our chefs & nutritionist, lectures and learning from experts in phycology, dietary and medical aspects of fat loss, specialty exercises and group therapy, massages and physical therapy.

* The Suites include massages, and post program weekly follow-up for 3 months/12 follow-ups.

**12-point evaluation costs $2,500, that maybe reimbursable through insurance in some cases.

*** Parts of the program such as consultation with a dietician, sleep specialist and physical therapy may also be reimbursable throughinsurance in some cases.


  • Arrive on Saturday Morning, depart on Friday Morning, 14 days later.
  • Prices range from $10,800 to $20,500 depending on the choice of accommodation and choice of medical evaluations.
  • 14-days of exercise.
  • A Two-Week Program will help you loose on an average 4%-8% of your body weight on an average. You will have multiple repetitions of the program, and you will optimize your probability of maintaining your new healthy habits.