A Day at Aqua Malibu

12 point examination

The Aqua Malibu Programs begins with a once in a lifetime comprehensive 12-point examination. This is a prescription for prevention, and development of a new relationship with your body. The initial medical evaluation includes:

  • Medical history, total activity, response to exercise, dietary survey, appetite assessment, sleep assessment, psychologic survey and sexual satisfaction questionnaires
  • Medical examination
  • Physical body measurements
  • Photo documentation body measurements
  • Exact body fat and fat distribution
  • Exact extracellular and intracellular body water
  • Calculation of ideal individual body fat
  • Calculation of ideal final weight (ideal fat loss  and muscle gain adjusting for excess skin
  • Lab testing (including key apipokines)
  • Bruce protocol stress test
  • RMR (resting metabolic rate)
  • Strength, flexibility and gait evaluations (pre-habilitation)
  • Sleep study
  • Continuous 1 week glucose monitoring
  • Carotid artery screen for early cholesterol plaque development
  • CTA if excessive CAD risk
  • Inner Age assessment: Years of life lost and predicted chance of diabetes, stroke or heart attack in the next 5 years compared with "healthy" age-matched  peers

Our comprehensive 12 point examination includes*:

  • 1.Blood Work
  • 2.(CBC, Chemistry Panel, UA, CPK, CRP, Ferritin, HbA1c, Insulin, TSH and Cushing's dexamethasone suppression test if applicable)
  • 3.Glucose Tolerance Test
  • 4.Treadmill Testt, ECG, VO2 Max
  • 5.Aerobic, Anaerobic, Flexibility Evaluation
  • 6.Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • 7.Accurate Body Fat (iDXA), Bone Density Evaluation
  • 8.Body compartment water, Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS)
  • 9.Nutritional Evaluation
  • 10.Psychological/Disordered Eating Evaluation
  • 11.Sleep Evaluation
  • 12.Know Your Number (Your Inner Age!)

We will provide you with your tests to consult with a referral doctor back home to continue a life of health and wellness. Aqua Malibu also provides coaching follow-up sessions as part of your stay.

*Rates do not include the medical portion for your stay at Aqua Malibu.Our staff will arrange to bill your insurance company, provided theyaccept charges from Out-Of-Network providers.